For Clinicians

IGNITE seeks clinical collaborators

IGNITE is a three year, $4.8 M Genome Canada-funded research program based at Dalhousie University that includes the systematic identification of genes underlying inherited disorders in the Maritime Provinces.

Local clinicians often see diseases clustered within families from around the region. Although in some cases the underlying causal gene may already be known, in a surprisingly large fraction it is not. Such families represent an opportunity to carry out high impact research, using well-established techniques, with the potential to lead to new treatments and better outcomes.

IGNITE funds the direct scientific costs associated with the gene discovery and supplies logistical support with research ethics submission, patient ascertainment, and gathering of DNA samples. We require only that clinicians be prepared to be included as a team member in the research ethics board submission, and to assist with phenotyping (determining the affected/unaffected status of participants). Generally the incremental time demanded is modest.

If you are a clinician interested in suggesting patients for the IGNITE study, please download and complete this PDF form, and return it to Christine Macgillivray, project coordinator. We’d be happy to help you fill it out and answer any questions you may have.

We can be reached at:

IGNITE project coordinator: Christine Macgillivray T: 902/473-2950, F: 902/473-2839.